Shipping Label Placement

Shipping Label Placement Guidelines (Orchard)

Orchard’s EDI Shipping Label placement guidelines are based on the general label specifications for use with UCC/EAN identification codes contained in the Application Standard for Shipping Container Codes (ANSI/UCC6-1996). Once the SSCC-18 (UCC/EAN-128) shipping label is created for each shipping container, place the label(s) on the container(s) following these specifications.

Containers Less Than 39”H

  • Place label on the bottom right quadrant of the long side panel of the carton.
  • The label should be at least 2” from both the right edge and bottom edge of the shipping container to prevent damage of the bar code due to edge crush.
  • Position the label parallel to the adjacent side and bottom edge of the carton.
  • Take care so that the label does not wrinkle during application.

Containers Greater Than 39”H

  • Place the bottom of the barcode symbol within a range of 20-30” above the natural bottom of the transport package.
  • Allow a minimum of 2” from the right side of the container.
  • Take care to not wrinkle the label during application.


  • Place the barcode symbol to the right of center of a vertical face, allowing a minimum of 2” from the edge.
  • Place the label in the upper one-half and not more than 60” from the bottom of the pallet.

Content ID Label

Orchard requires a carton level identification at the point of receipt. A carton is defined as any single SKU, carton, or pallet with an outer wrapping and containing a quantity greater than one. Cartons must have an EAN-14 (interleaved 2 of 5) data structure barcode.

Create a content identification label for each carton containing a quantity of one or more of the same item/SKU. A content identification label is not required for cartons containing mixed item/SKUs.

Label all cartons; master, inner and individual (if the carton contains a set). Machine print Orchard Supply Company item/SKU on the label using the following format:

  • The item number must be at least .5”H.
  • SKU number must be the same height as item number.
  • Indicate quantity on the label if the carton contains a quantity of two or more of the same item/SKU.
  • Place the label on at least two panels (front and side) on the upper portion of each panel.

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