EDI Shipping Label Creation For Orchard Merchandise

EDI Shipping LabelEDI Shipping Label provides Orchard with ship from, ship to and PO information for each shipping container. Orchard’s EDI Shipping Label guidelines are based on the general label specifications for use with UCC/EAN identification codes contained in the Application Standard for Shipping Container Codes (ANSI/UCC6-1996). SSCC-18 (UCC/EAN-128) EDI Shipping Label should be used following the guidelines below.

  1. Use the standard 4” x 6” high label on packages that are eight or more inches high.
  2. When the package is less than eight inches high, use the 3” x 8” format.
  3. The supplier will need to reference the serial container codes from the label in their EDI 856 Ship Notice.

Shipping Label Content

  • Human readable Ship From name and address.
  • Human readable Ship To name, unit number and address. If the supplier is shipping directly to a store, this information was sent with their 850 mapping that included the store number/ship to
  • Carrier Routing Bar Code (Ship To Postal Bar Code) for the Ship To name and address.
  • Human readable Purchase Order Number
    • Use a minimum 24-point type size (0.33 inch high).
    • Precede PO# with the text PO.
    • List no more than five POs on a single shipping label.
    • PO# content includes:
      • First four#: Ship To location
      • Final Eight#: Purchase Order number

Barcode Details (SSCC-18 Barcode (UCC/EAN-128 Serial Shipping Container Code))

  1. The barcode height must be 1.25 inches.
  2. Print human readable number above the barcode.
  3. The barcode must meet the quality standards specified in ANSI X3.182-Bar Code Print Quality Guideline.
  4. To insure 100% first time rate on all barcodes, test the symbols periodically as print quality can change over time.
    • Precede SSCC-18 code with the application identifier “00”.
    • Enclose the Application Identifier (AI) in parentheses.
    • Mark for Barcode (Final Destination Code)
  5. The barcode height should be 1.25”.

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