EDI Shipping Procedures

EDI Shipping Procedures For The NWC Vendors – Bill Of Landing

EDI Shipping Procedures will ensure vendor merchandise is processed through The NWC distribution system as efficiently and accurately as possible. It will also help eliminate costly and potential delays in getting your merchandise to The NWC stores. The North West Company expects complete on-time shipments; backorders are expensive, create extra paperwork, and delay getting merchandise to the stores.

Store number, store name, purchase order/shipment number and actual weight (in pounds or kilograms clearly identified) must be typed clearly in the body of the bill of lading (BOL). Separate bills of lading are required for each destination/consignee. All shipments shipped on one day and consigned to the same destination must be combined on one bill of lading. Exceptions will apply where some products require temperature control in which case two bills of lading will be accepted.

The BOL must show a detail of cartons for each purchase order number that has been combined in the consolidated shipment. In other words, if you combine purchase orders on a BOL, each purchase order must be itemized on the BOL and the P.O. number must be clearly marked on each carton or package in numbers at least one inch high, where such numbers can be accommodated. Special orders must be referenced on the bill of lading if shipped with a regular stock order. Special shipping instructions must also be clearly identified, for example ‘Winter Road’.

The North West Company has selected a group of quality, stable ‘Less Than Truckload’ (LTL) carriers because they provide the best overall value to NWC and our vendors in delivering merchandise to its stores and logistics/consolidation centres. Using The North West Company’s preferred carriers will ensure timely delivery of vendor merchandise. Refer to the routing indicated on each NWC purchase order.

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