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EDI Solution Rona: General Implementation Guides

EDI solution purpose is to assist Rona’s Inc. business partners in implementing E.D.I (Electronic Data Interchange) during business cooperation and partnership. The following Rona companies have active EDI solution:

  • Rona (purchase order and invoice)
  • Réno-Dépôt (purchase order and invoice)
  • Cashway (invoice)
  • Revy / Lansing ( purchase order and invoice)

For implementing EDI solution vendors will receive purchase orders (850) for the distribution centre and the super stores (Rona Warehouse, Rona Home Solutions). The purchase orders from traditional stores and all special orders will still have to be transmitted via telephone or fax as it is done today. However, all invoices, debits and credits must be sent to Rona using EDI solution.

EDI solution implementation procedure

To facilitate the EDI solution implementation, the following initial steps must be followed by all business partners:

  1. Implementation guide.
  2. Exchange basic information (communication ID, supplier number).
  3. Confirmation partner’s network.
  4. Validate communication/connexion configuration. The purpose of this phase is to validate VAN’s connexion and EDI software and validate the EDI envelope configuration syntax.
  5. Parallel procedure (test): Rona and the supplier exchange both document types, paper and EDI. The paper is the main official working document. The supplier is able to send and receive acknowledgement (997).
  6. Validation of documents transmitted.
  7. When Rona and the supplier are satisfied with the tests, they can proceed to the production mode and at this point, all paper documents will no longer be exchanged.

UPC codes are mandatory for the distribution centre and the super stores (Rona Warehouse and Rona Home Solutions). Vendor codes and Rona item codes are used for reference only.

Technical guides

  • Standard: X12 versions 4010
  • Network: Sterling Commerce
  • Delimiters:
    • Segment ~
    • Element !
    • Sub-element >

Please note that after vendor EDI activation date, if there is any manipulation of paper documents, a fee of $40.00 per document will be charge into vendor account. Reject uncorrected credit notes that are not re-transmitted within 7 days will be subject for fees of $40.00/week/faulty document.

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