EDI Store Ready Pallets

EDI Store Ready Pallets – Supply Chain Requirements At Myer

EDI Store Ready Pallets are pallets of cartons containing merchandise for a single store for a single ASN, prepared by the supplier or their 3rd Party Provider, shrink wrapped and destined for single individual stores. Store Ready pallets are an effective way of managing bulk orders of large volume merchandise, bulky, heavy stock or promotional orders, to stores via the Myer Distribution Centres.

For example merchandise such as:

  • General merchandise (Christmas Trim, Toys, Hampers, Travel Goods etc)
  • Homewares (Table top, Towels, Bedlinen etc.)
  • Cosmetics & GWPs for large promotional events
  • Small electrical appliances

EDI Store Ready Pallets Benefits

  • Stock travels together from supplier to store on the same pallet
  • Assists stores as the pallets only contain merchandise for one promotion for one ASN/purchase order
  • Individual SSCC labels are not required on each carton
  • Eliminates double handling of cartons
  • Reduces processing time to store as there is no need to unpack cartons, sort and repack by store, consolidate and shrink-wrap. Scan one SSCC label only per pallet to scan receipt and manifest to stores
  • Reduces hand processing of bulky cartons that are too large or heavy to go onto the Distribution Centres sortation equipment
  • Reduces the injury risk to staff of handling large or heavy cartons
  • Reduces wear and tear on the DC sortation equipment from bulky carton jams or heavy cartons

Each pallet must be labelled with an SSCC label. The SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) label details the Order Number, the RDC & Store the pallet is destined for and has a unique SSCC number that identifies what is contained within the cartons on the pallet

What is required

  • Suppliers or their 3rd Party Provider need to be able to pick and consolidate under one SSCC label per pallet per ASN/Store rather than pick by product type with a label on every carton
  • Each ‘store ready’ pallet needs to have one single consolidated SSCC label that covers the entire contents of the cartons on the pallet
    • By exception, if the supplier’s scan packing operation does not allow a single SSCC label per pallet the alternative is that the individual carton SSCC labels are placed together on a single side of the pallet.
  • Each ‘store ready’ pallet must have a Pallet Identification Label. The label size requirement is A4 with this information in block letters, no less than 10mm in size:
    • Advice to RDC’s not to unpack – “STORE PALLET DO NOT UNPACK”
    • Receiving store name and number – eg. MELBOURNE – 0001
    • Product identifier – eg. HERITAGE PILLOWS
    • Where applicable – Event identifier – eg. STOCKTAKE SALE
  • If there are extra cartons for the ASN/store that are not sufficient to create an individual ‘store ready’ pallet these cartons need to be individually SSCC labeled and delivered on a pallet of mixed stores. The mixed store pallet must be marked as such with a pallet identification label.

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