EDI Supplier Rules BOSCH

EDI Supplier Rules (BOSCH Trading Partners)

As a general rule, prerequisite for a supply EDI relationship with BOSCH is the transmission of information via electronic data interchange (EDI). The SUPPLIER shall use EDI to receive information from BOSCH and to send information to BOSCH. If the SUPPLIER has no existing EDI link to BOSCH, a time schedule for introduction EDI shall be agreed and implemented accordingly by the SUPPLIER. The technical requirements and approved message formats are agreed in the EDI contract.

When using WebEDI, the data is transmitted via the internet platform SupplyOn. The SUPPLIER shall bear the cost of using SupplyOn. The following business processes in particular, where they are used, shall be performed with EDI support:

  • Transmission of scheduling agreement call-offs or single purchase orders from BOSCH to the SUPPLIER.
  • Transmission of single purchase order acknowledgements (confirmations) from SUPPLIER to BOSCH.
  • Transmission of the delivery, packaging, and transport data via an advanced shipping notice (ASN) from the SUPPLIER to BOSCH.
  • Transmission of the KANBAN call-offs (JIT-Call).
  • Transmission of vendor-managed inventory (VMI) information.
  • Self-billing invoicing (SBI) (if legally permitted, on a country-specific basis). If delivery is destined for consignment stock: Maintenance of stock movement list (unless otherwise regulated).
  • Empties management (if empties management system applicable).
  • Transmission of e-invoices (electronic invoicing).

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