EDI Team

EDI Team Role And Functions

EDI Team represents both line and staff functions and takes responsibility for implementation, scheduling, resources allocating and overall guidance on the project. The role of each team member should be clearly defined. EDI Team Lead (EDI Project Manager) manages EDI team activities. Other company (purchasing, sales, finance, information technology etc.) departments should be actively involved in EDI project release and decision-making.

EDI team main functions

  • Analyze the current information-collecting system
  • Evaluate communication systems
  • Evaluate EDI software and hardware needs
  • Determine departments that will be involved in EDI project
  • Determine key trading partners
  • Prepare cost analysis
  • Prepare implementation plan
  • Develop a test project with a trading partner

Usually EDI team functions vary based on the company EDI goals and implementation plan.

It may take from several weeks to several months for EDI project implementation. EDI team is responsible for creating and release of the strategic plan, and determines which steps should be taken first.

EDI team takes part in operational and financial analysis of the costs and benefits of EDI implementation. Operational analysis may include, for instance, how the data from business applications might be integrated to reduce time for processing. The financial part may include the analysis of which EDI implementation solution will be the most cost-effective.

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