EDI Technical Information

GSA EDI Technical Information (Required EDI Transactions)

Inbound EDI (Transactions sent to GSS Global Supply from Vendors)

  • 855: Purchase Order Acknowledgement with three possible types of status: Accept, Backorder or Cancel
  • 856: Advance Ship Notice/Manifest with one possible type of status: Ship
  • 810: Invoice (Full and Partial Amounts)
  • 997: Functional Acknowledgement

Outbound EDI (Transactions sent from GSS Global Supply to Vendors)

  • 850: Purchase Order (PO)
    • Transactions are sent out as they are processed in OMS
    • For VAN and SFTP vendors, transactions are available for pick-up once they have been processed.
    • OMS does not push, but allows vendors to “pick-up” at their convenience/preference. The time between creation of PO and it being on the VAN could vary from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on traffic/volume/activity
  • 860: Purchase Order Cancellation / Customer Initiated Change
  • 997: Functiona lAcknowledgement.

To learn more about EDI transactions and become a certifiedĀ EDI Professional please visit ourĀ course schedule page.

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