EDI technical requirements

EDI Technical Requirements For Delhaze America Business Partners

EDI technical requirements and guidelines given in the post refer to all trading partners planning EDI relationships with Delhaze America company.

Hardware Required

In order to become EDI capable you will need some type of computer. Many types of computers can be used to become EDI capable, from a personal computer to a mainframe system. You will need to select the computer that best meets your business needs and EDI technical requirements.

  • Computer processor
    Software is available for mainframes, midrange processors, and PC’s. Consult your current supplier for more information.
  • Communications card, board, or port
    This depends on whether you will be communicating ASYNC (asynchronously), BSC (bisynchronously), or SDLC (synchronously).
  • Communications cable
    This connects your modem to the communications port. It may not be needed if you have an internal modem.
  • Modem
    The modem depends on the communication interface.
  • Modem cable
    This is a power cord for the modem and a telephone cable to connect the modem to the phone jack.
  • Dial or leased line connection
    Use existing telephone jacks, or a dial jack dedicated for data. Dedicate a data line or multi-dropped line for leased line attachments.

EDI Software

EDI technical requirements for the software should be mentioned in order to allow you to:

  • Create the EDI documents you need to create in the standard and version you need to support
  • Provide yourself with a readable document that you can use on your computer system
  • Maintain a database for storing your EDI documents and EDI trading partner information
  • Send and receive EDI documents to your EDI trading partners at any time

There are many EDI software providers available to assist you in selecting the software according to the EDI technical requirements. EDI software can be traditional translator based software, or can be a web form EDI solution. In order to select the EDI software that will work best with your system, contact your current computer support personnel and current computer software provider. Listings of EDI software suppliers can also be found on the Internet.

Internet EDI Transport

Delhaze America is commited to leveraging the Internet to support the secure exchange of business information with our trading partner community. Here are just a few of the benefits that you’ll experience once you Internet-enable your EDI transactions:

  • Cutting communications costs dramatically by eliminating VAN Charges
  • Speeding and securing traditional supply chain transactions (e.g., purchase orders, invoices, advance ship notices, etc.)
  • Faster and more efficient product delivery by connecting with large and small partners
  • Ensuring products are ordered and delivered in real time to fulfill demands
  • Improving Item/Data Synchronization.

Functional Acknowledgments

EDI documents transmitted by Delhaze America must be confirmed using X.12 997 Functional Acknowledgment. Purchase Orders must be confirmed by 2:00PM next business day after transmitted by Delhaze America. Daily inventory totals (852) must be confirmed by 2:00PM next business day after transmitted by the company.

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