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EDI Technology Solution For Myer Suppliers (Part 2 – Customised development, Third party scanpack providers)

When estimating EDI Technology Solution, mention that it should have all the required components identified by the Myer. There are a number of solution providers with packages accredited by Myer that will meet all of the requirements of the Myer EDI process.

There are several choices available in developing a solution for your business:

  • A scan packing solution from an existing solution / system provider
  • A Custom built in-house solution
  • A 3rd Party scanpack provider

Customised development (In-house or Other packages)

Customised developments often have the following characteristics and may take considerably longer to implement:

  • Higher risk (difficult to predict final project cost)
  • Longer to implement (more risk of not meeting deadlines)
  • Able to easily integrate with current accounting systems
  • More consistent with internal systems architecture
  • Scanner programming required in addition to EDI skills
  • Translation software purchase or modification required

Third party scanpack providers

There are a number of distribution companies who offer services that will meet the Myer EDI Technical requirements for a price per unit processed. They will:

  • Receive EDI orders on your behalf, or a copy from your system
  • Print price tickets and attach them
  • Prepare any other floor ready requirements
  • Scan pack by store and apply Logistics labels
  • Transmit ASNs on your behalf to Myer, and if required a copy to your system
  • Arrange for despatch of shipments to Myer

Establish the degree of integration you require

Determine the extent to which you will integrate your solution with existing systems, for example:

  • Transferring EDI purchase order details into your production planning system
  • Transferring EDI purchase order details into your inventory system
  • Transferring EDI purchase order details into your ticket production system
  • Transferring scan pack details into your inventory system
  • Transferring ASN details into your accounts receivable system
  • Transferring despatch details to trigger sending ASNs via EDI.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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