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EDI Technology Solution For Myer Suppliers (Part 1 – Established solutions)

EDI Technology Solution that meets the Myer EDI – Electronic Trading requirements will have all the required components identified by the Myer. When estimating a total solution cost, price quotes should incorporate all these components listed below:

  1. User interface (pick/pack): To facilitate the creation of the Advanced Ship Note and if applicable, the Reverse Purchase Order.
  2. Bar code software: Required to print price tickets and Logistics Labels.
  3. Communications software: Required to send and receive EDI transactions.
  4. EDI translator (configured): Required to convert EDI format orders to data for the suppliers systems. Also to convert data for RPOs and ASNs from suppliers systems
    into EDI format.
  5. PC configured Modem Printer Bar code scanner.

Selecting EDI Technology Solution 

There are several choices available in developing a solution for your business:

  • A scan packing solution from an existing solution / system provider
  • A Custom built in-house solution
  • A 3rd Party scanpack provider

Please review your options for meeting the requirements of Myer EDI by deciding on:

  • Purchasing a technical packaged solution
    • Modify/Develop your in-house systems
    • Use a 3rd Party Scanpack provider.
  • If the solution you choose is a package, the components are all bundled together.

Established solutions

Off the shelf existing solutions generally have the following characteristics:

  • Quick to implement
  • Initial capital cost but low ongoing maintenance
  • Low risk (ability to accurately predict final project cost)
  • An integrated PC based software package with minimal software development required
  • PC, Printer, Modem and Bar code scanner included (increasing accuracy and speed)
  • Translation software included
  • Minimal training
  • Upgradeable with support package
  • Support help from providers

If you choose an established solution, it is essential that you explore with the provider the degree of integration required with your existing systems and the level of support that will be provided to you.

More types of EDI solutions will be described in the next post. To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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