EDI Testing Process

EDI Testing Process (Alignment of GS1 details – Myer EDI Requirements)

EDI Testing Process is critical to ensure that no technical problems within vendor operations will impact the movement of goods to the stores, sales to customers and partner is processing payments to a vendor. Once your new processes and technology are in place, Myer will begin a series of tests with you to accredit your system and ensure complete and accurate information flows between systems. This will enable the efficient movement of goods through Myer distribution centres to stores & customers, and correct payment for the goods. This testing process will be expedited if an established solution package or 3rd party is selected. Please note, this testing process can be more involved if a customised solution is selected, that is a choice for each Supplier to determine.

GS1 registration in both supplier and Myer systems. The purpose of this test is to ensure that there is alignment between the supplier and Myer systems in the data registered for each product you supply. The test involves checking your product file against the Myer product file to ensure alignment of GTINS, keycodes where applicable, Cost & Retail prices where applicable and class groups.

This test is required for suppliers who wish to confirm that the details in their product file, particularly cost prices, are aligned to the data that Myer will transmit in EDI purchase orders.

Myer will provide a report of all SKUs registered in Myer system for the supplier. The report will list for each SKU the class group number, Myer keycode, GTIN, supplier style code, item style description, product description, size, supplier colour, cost price and retail price.

  • The supplier will cross check the list with their product file to ensure all relevant products are registered and that the details are correctly matched
  • The supplier will raise any discrepancies with the relevant Myer Buyer
  • Myer will amend the details in its system once agreed.

To learn more about EDI integration and testing, and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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