EDI Trading Requirements

EDI Trading Requirements For Hudson’s Bay Company Vendors

EDI Trading Requirements set for Hudson’s Bay Company business partners demand that all EDI documents conform to the Retail Industry (VICS) subset of the ASC.X12 EDI standards for business documents.  The Hudson’s Bay Company uses Sterling Collaboration Network to facilitate EDI trade.

EDI Trading Requirements – Technical

HBC (Zellers, New Bay and Home Outfitters Vendors) 202377222 01
HBC ASN (Zellers, New Bay and Home Outfitters Vendors) 202377222ASN 01
HBC Major Home Fashions/Furniture 200091189HOM 01
HBC Major Home ASN 200091189HOMA 01
FIELDS 200091189FLD 01
FIELDS ASN 200091189FLDA 01

Bay and Home Outfitters vendors that were on EDI prior to 2007 continue to use previously published ID’s.

EDI Trading Requirements – Delimiters used:


  • Hex ‘2F’ for elements
  • Hex ’15’ for segments
  • Hex ‘6E’ for sub-element separator.

Functional Acknowledgments (997)

Functional Acknowledgments are required within 24 hours of each transmission. Functional Acknowledgments are required at the Transaction Set level.

EDI Trading Requirements – Vendor Setup and Basic Requirements

The basic requirements for Hudson’s Bay Company business partners during EDI cooperation are:

  • Provide daily Inventory feed.
  • Receive orders multiple times a day.
  • Daily order processing , shipping and parcel pickup
  • Ship orders within 2 business days
  • A dedicated resource to monitor, fulfill, and troubleshoot orders
  • Unbranded box or polybag (supplied by vendor)
  • Vendor provided images and copy for drop ship products.
  • CommerceHub fees: One- time set up fee: $1,750 to establish integrated interfaces or $750 to establish webbased/browser interface (includes system training). Monthly recurring fees: $65 service fee and .50c per order.

Hudson’s Bay Company EDI Setup Overview

The vendor onboarding process can take between 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the vendor’s capabilities. It is imperative that vendor is responsive to CommerceHub in order to ensure onboarding process occurs. The process begins upon completion of the agreement between the merchant and vendor, followed by HBC drop ship manager sending drop ship welcome packet.

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