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EDI Training: Useful And Rational Holiday Present

It’s high time to choose presents for the upcoming holidays – you definitely need to pass this again this year, friend. But let’s be frank – need much time to think it through, choose what and where and when. Will they like it..? Maybe, they already have a couple of nice Christmas teapots and that funny reindeer jumpers or Santa socks? Brilliants! Again..?! Well, somehow it will be OK with close people and relatives. But what about friends, colleagues and subordinates?

We are not greedy, that’s why we share this amazing gift idea with you! Today education is the new black. Here are some reasons why EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) training is always a good idea.

  • It is easy. You go to this link, choose the best course for your friend, colleague or subordinate, pay and make the person more happy educated. If you hesitate, email us and we’ll help you to choose the most suitable training.
  • It is ecological. Zero-waste. No packing to be sorted and utilized. No need to find a storage place for such a gift in your house or at the working place. Just a link – get it emailed and click it.
  • It is useful. We are sure, the time spent at our webinar will definitely make a gift recipient more educated.  Maybe, he’ll become a highly-qualified professional and get preferment. And higher salary, of course. Be sure, one day he’ll tell you a heartfelt thanks.
  • It is practical. If you are a company owner, there is no better way to get your staff trained. Really. Maybe, they dream about EDI courses, want to release their potential at their current position or are going to shift to another department. Why not give them a chance to become more qualified..? And by the way, in this situation you both win.
  • It is surprising. Just imagine: you stand in front of your team (sadly waiting for another pair of Santa socks for Christmas), say another prepared speech about last year’s economic growth, and end your story announcing that all team members will be trained at EDI Academy. Wow! If we were your team, we would be on cloud number nine!

So, here are our reasons. Some of them are joky, but we are sure – education as a gift is really a good idea. Today values change. People refuse from consumerism, cut back material things and invest more in personal growth and knowledge. It is a worthwhile investment in your career, your prospects and your future.

You have the chance to distinguish your present from a pile of that ordinary staff. And don’t forget about yourself – maybe, EDI training course is a desired gift for you too.

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