EDI Training New York  Classes by EDI Academy on May 10-11-12, 2016

EDI TRAINING NEW YORKEDI Training New York classes are provided by EDI Academy – an independent organization offering up-to-date EDI education throughout the USA, in Canada and Europe. Intensive one- and two-day courses cover EDI fundamentals and best practices as well as advanced knowledge.

On May 10-11-12, 2016 EDI Academy conducts All Industries and Advanced All Industries course. Brief description is given below. For more detailed information, please, visit the course page.

All Industries (10th-11th May, 2016)

This course provides both an overview of EDI, and an in-depth understanding of the technology’s strategic and operational components. This is an excellent training opportunity for anyone whose work involves EDI, or who anticipates future involvement in an aspect of their company’s EDI efforts. What makes the EDI Academy’s course unique is the application of real world examples from a wide variety of companies and industries. You acquire a thorough understanding of EDI fundamentals, know how best to overcome major EDI challenges, and the correct application of current best practices. All the scenarios, case studies, examples and best practices are from real world EDI professionals.

Advanced All Industries (12th May, 2016)

The EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices class is a prerequisite for this class. Advanced EDI Mapping and Business Concepts: This one-day workshop is split into two parts. The first part will focus on best-practice presentations for various industries. The second part will consist of mapping sessions. This class is offered the next day after the EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices Training.

Consider the following factors choosing the best EDI Training New York course for you:

  • Do you have a certain field of interest or work related to EDI?
  • Do you search for technology-oriented programs featuring EDI in your field?
  • Do you work with specific topics related to EDI, such as ASC X12, XML, warehousing and logistics, barcoding, mapping etc.
  • Do you want to widen your business and simplify documents flow?
  • Do you want your EDI staff be more qualified and progressive?

Visiting our EDI Training New York classes you will learn about the following points (but not restricted to):

  • Introduction to EDI
  • EDI benefits
  • EDI in production
  • Types of EDI and its specifics
  • Implementation of EDI
  • EDI costs
  • Standardization in EDI
  • Mapping practice.

EDI Training New York classes are taught by highly-qualified EDI professionals. All of them have at least 10 years of industry experience. Our instructors have worked in many roles, including finance, supply chain management, education, manufacturing, retail, aerospace, healthcare, automotive and information technology. All have real-world experience and a track record of success in EDI implementations, from leading enterprise teams at Fortune 500 companies to launching entrepreneurial startups.

Seats available for EDI Training in New York on 10-11-12 May, 2016

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