EDI Trainings Evaluation by EDI Academy Attendants

EDI Trainings are provided by EDI Academy around the USA, in Canada and in the United Kingdom. Since its first class our training facility is constantly working on improving training activity and what we are offering to our clients. EDI Trainings evaluation by our students gives us possibility to see the strong and week sides, and therefore think of further improvements.

Classes evaluation is conducted on an independent resource, so each student can leave his or her feedback giving evaluation, answering questions and leaving comments on the class visited. The summary shows that most of EDI Academy students are interested in giving feedback for the training. Percent of the clients involved in EDI Training evaluation helps to develop a general summary that gives deep understanding of what people think about EDI Academy seminars. Below we provide some examples and screen shots with common diagrams and individual responses.

The picture below represents individual responses of what visitors think about the training:

EDI Trainings

As we can see, students are very satisfied with instructor’s experience and knowledge as well as easy way in which information is presented. Also people mention that the quantity of exercises is quite good for best EDI practice at the class. The interactive atmosphere is also a big plus, so the visitors can easily ask questions and take part in discussion.

The summary below shows that 99,38% of our students would recommend EDI Academy trainings to their friends and colleagues:

EDI Trainings

Rating is very important for EDI Academy and we are pleased that many students leave positive recommendations for our classes. After visiting EDI Trainings at EDI Academy facilities all over the USA and in Canada specialists from different fields become interested in custom-on-site trainings for their companies.

The next picture shows the latest testimonials for EDI Training All Industries San-Diego held in June 2016:

EDI Trainings

All testimonials are available at EDI Academy web-page

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