EDI Transmission Guides

EDI Transmission Guides (AHCCCS Provider Electronic Communication)

EDI Transmission Guides refer to all users who have access to the computer network and EDI data, and are bound by applicable laws, HIPAA rules and AHCCCS requirements.

ISA13 Interchange Control Number

The trading partner assigns the Interchange Control Number in the rightmost six characters of this 9 character field. ISA13 must be unique within all transmissions (i.e. files) submitted to AHCCCS. The Interchange Control Number is used by AHCCCS for tracking purposes in order to guard against duplicate file submissions. ISA13 must also be identical to the Control Number in the Interchange Trailer element IEA02.

EDI File Re-Transmission Procedure

  1. Correct your data
  2. Re-increment the ISA13 Interchange Control Number
  3. Resubmit the file

EDI File Renaming Process

There is a file renaming process for the following inbound transactions: 270, 276 and 278. For example:

  • pppppp is the 6-digit AHCCCS Provider ID (pos 1-6 of element GS02 in the 270 file)
  • yymmdd is the process date
  • nnnnnnnnn is element ISA13 Interchange Control Number from the 270 file

File Size/Length and Volume Limits (Inbound Transmissions)

  • A file cannot exceed 75 MB
  • No spaces in the filename
  • 270: The number of requests on a 270 cannot exceed 10,000 requests per file
  • 275: The web upload attachment file cannot exceed 64 MB
  • 276: The number of requests on a 276 cannot exceed 10,000 requests per file
  • 837 Encounters: The filename cannot exceed 29 characters
  • NCPCP PAH 2.2: The filename cannot exceed 29 characters
  • NCPDP PAH 2.2: The file record must be a length of 3700. The file should be in DOS format with CR/LF at the end of each 3700 byte record.

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