EDI Transmission Security


EDI Transmission Security Protocols

Prevea360 Health Plan requires 834 files to be PGP encrypted with its public key. Prevea360 requires PGP encryption, in addition to transmission via the SSH security protocol, to achieve a defense-in-depth/layered security posture for the protection of member/customer confidentiality.

SFTP (SSH file transfer protocol) provides protection of the data in transit from the provider/clearinghouse to us, whereas PGP encryption provides protection of the at-rest data file. The combined use of these technologies raises the bar higher for a would-be attacker: the attacker must compromise both the data transmission and the at-rest encryption to have access to confidential data. With threats to security measures always increasing, Prevea360 will periodically re-evaluate and revise Prevea360 Health Plan defense-in-depth posture to maximize confidentiality protections.

If the submitted 834 is rejected due to a compliance related error, the error will be indicated in the X12 Acknowledgment. In this circumstance, the error(s) must be corrected and the file resubmitted for processing.

To learn more about EDI security and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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