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EDI Transmits Tips (Lord & Taylor Vendor Transmissions)

If vendor errors are identified during EDI Transmit, expense offset charges may be assessed. Vendors should note that if changing VANS from Lord & Taylor direct connect mailboxes at GXS and Inovis Inc., to any interconnect, all 852 Sales Data Reports will be turned off.

  1. Assign a unique bill of lading number (BOL) for each shipment. Using a BOL number multiple times will cause the ASN to be rejected.
  2. Lord & Taylor uses a 14-digit Bill of Lading number. If you transmit the 17-digit VICS BOL number, the system will truncate by dropping the three leading digits and use the last 14-digits of your Bill of Lading number. This will help avoid duplicate BOL numbers.
  3. Send EDI transmissions with a unique ISA control number. T
  4. he following is a list of frequently occurring errors to avoid:
    • SLN segment in the 856-ASN (If you are retail price marking your merchandise)
    • SLN06 must be the retail price value
    • N1 ST segments:
      • N103 must be 92
      • N104 must be a 4-digit left zero filled numeric value
    • N1 SF segments:
      • N103 must be 91
      • N104 must be your EDI Sender ID number (numeric values only)
    • N1 BY segments:
      • N104 must be a 4-digit left zero filled numeric value – NO ALPHA Characters
    • LIN segments must be populated with UK, for GTINs (VICS version 4030 ONLY).
    • REF segments must be populated with correct BOL numbers, 4-digit department numbers, etc.
    • All GS1-128 carton numbers and MAN segments must be 20-digit numeric value.
    • Insure uniqueness of your 20-Digit carton numbers. Duplicate carton numbers will result in rejected ASNs and expense-offset charges may be assessed.
    • Insure all segments are populated accurately based on our EDI mapping standards o Transmit documents once.
    • Only rejected documents that have been corrected should be retransmitted.

Tips for the updated Mappings 856 ASN

  • REF – only use 14 digits.
  • N1 – NI04, direct to store DC#, or “9999” for Direct-to-Store
  • PRF – PO#, 12 digits, it is now the PO#+ DC#. For example: 939123450082
  • TD101 segment to be used for L&Tonly
  • HL segment to be used for L&Tonly
  • PO4 mandatory, if information not available, please populate with a “1”
  • LIN – UK segment, EAN/GS1-14(GTIN) mandatory for 4030, no longer is 4010 accepted

Tips for the updated Mappings 850 PO

  • BEG02 – Purchase Order Type code: RE, SA, BK, RL
  • BEG03 – Purchase Order Number, 12 digits
  • N1 – Ordered By segment optional, used for drop ship orders
  • N3 – Special Order Address Information segment optional, used for drop ship orders
  • PO103 – Unit or Basis for Measurement Code, EA = Each, CA= case
  • CTP03 – $1 hard key accepted for now, must let Lord and Taylor know when compliant
  • SDQ – Destination – Quantity Data, will not be sent on BK order (BEG02).

To learn more about EDI mapping and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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