EDI UPC Assignment

EDI UPC Assignment And Catalog Requirements

Hibbett EDI vendors should follow EDI program guides including UPC Assignment And Catalog Requirements.

  1. Assign UPC numbers at the product ID / color / size level for all Hibbett product. Once UPCs have been assigned, no modifications will be accepted. Any item modifications will result in the need for a new UPC code.
  2. UPC catalog data is preferred via GXS catalog a minimum of 10 days before market.
  3. A UPC catalog must include a minimum of UPC, product ID (PID), unique product description, NRF color, size codes, descriptions and the selection code.
  4. Hibbett’s EDI systems are not equipped to utilize pre-pack or set-pack UPCs. **All EDI documents must be traded at the selling unit UPC level.
  5. UPC number assignment, ticketing, and the electronic catalog unless other arrangements are made with Hibbett buyer.
  6. UPCs cannot be assigned by a retailer- a vendor must contact the GS-1 US (www.uc-council.org/) to be assigned a UPC company prefix.

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