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EDI Vendor Audit Program: Efficient movement of Macy’s merchandise

EDI Vendor Audit Program was developed in order to facilitate the quickest, most efficient movement of merchandise to Macy’s selling floor. Due to Macy’s EDI Vendor Audit Program vendors are expected to utilize all available technology (including Electronic Data Interchange) and follow all Macy’s standards. Audit programs assist in identifying and ultimately resolving issues that may inhibit the efficient flow and eventual sale of merchandise.

New Vendor and Cross Dock/EDI856 Qualification Audit

  1. The EDI856 Advance Ship Notice will be compared at the carton level to the physical merchandise by U.P.C./GTIN/EAN, quantity and location.
  2. Accuracy percentage is expected to be 99.5% as soon as possible.
  3. Vendors who do not reach 99.5% accuracy will continue to be audited until an acceptable accuracy percentage is achieved.
  4. If the required accuracy level is not achieved, expense offsets may be processed for not being in production.

Ongoing Cross Dock/Integrity Audit

  1. EDI U.P.C./GTIN/EAN accuracy (MIS%) is expected to be at least 98% for each shipment.
  2. Piece count accuracy (NET %) is expected to be at least 99.5% for each shipment.
  3. Once EDI vendors have achieved the required accuracy levels, random shipments will continue to be audited, comparing the EDI856 transaction to the physical merchandise.
  4. Audit results are available for all registered macysnet users.
  5. If accuracy levels fall below Macy’s standards, vendors may be removed from the Cross Dock program and placed in the Integrity Audit program. Integrity shipments will be 100% audited and manually processed until acceptable accuracy levels are achieved.
  6. Vendors in the Integrity Audit program are subject to all expense offsets related to auditing and manual processing.
  7. Vendors remaining in the Integrity Audit program for more than 6 months will be subject to additional Macy’s oversight and testing. All expenses related to these extra efforts will be the responsibility of the vendor.

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