EDI Vendor Audit

EDI Vendor Audit Program At Hibbett

Hibbett uses automation and technology to rapidly move merchandise faster through the pipeline, receives merchandise using the ASN (856) and pays vendors with EDI invoices (810). Therefore, vendors must make every effort to ensure that shipments are 100% accurate. Vendor Audit Program randomly checks shipments received at the Logistics Facility.

  1. Hibbett requires that a vendor’s ASN (856) be 100% accurate and has therefore instituted a Vendor Audit Program to ensure compliance. This includes a scanned audit function that compares the UPCs contained within the carton to the corresponding ASN (856), as well as a review of the vendor’s floor ready compliance. When audit results indicate errors, Hibbett can/ may discontinue the use of the vendor’s ASN (856) to process receipts. In addition, an expense offset will be assessed for each carton / shipment processed manually until resolution is obtained.
  2. Hibbett’s Logistics Department is committed to maintaining a high degree of accuracy while continuing to move merchandise to the sales floor as quickly as possible through the use of our crossdock program. This is possible only when the merchandise is 100% floor ready and the accuracy of a vendor’s shipments remains consistently high.
  3. The success of Hibbett’s crossdock program provides benefits to the vendor by reducing the amount of time the merchandise spends in the Logistics Facility, allowing the merchandise to move to the sales floor faster.

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