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Kingfisher New EDI Vendors Guide

Trading with Kingfisher is only possible via EDI, either through direct exchange of EDI messages or via  Web EDI Portal. Exchange of documents such as orders and invoices via email, fax or paper is not possible. Vendors must prepare for electronic trading with each Kingfisher Banner individually.

EDI is Kingfisher’s main platform for exchange of documents in the form of EDI messages and will normally be used by all vendors who receive a high volume of orders from a Banner.  This platform is the most efficient solution for Kingfisher and for vendors, and plays a key role in optimising the processes for ordering, delivery and payment.

The Web EDI Portal is easy to access and easy to use. It will allow vendors to recover orders and to send delivery notices and invoices. This method is suitable if vendor has a lower number of and less complex orders. If vendor currently uses fax or email, vendor is requested to send messages via the Web-EDI Portal. Vendors who already use the Kingfisher Web-EDI portal should not need to make any changes to their systems.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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