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EDI Viewer Online is a new EDI Academy product designed for easy and quick EDI files translation

EDI Viewer Online was successfully launched recently, and we at EDI Academy are really glad to share the results of our project with you.

Initially EDI Viewer Online was created for our  EDI Training seminar attendees to be able to easily convert X12 to a human readable format. We decided to add more features and make it public and free for any user. To learn more about the EDI Academy please visit our web page: http://ediacademy.com/.

Briefly about EDI Viewer Online

  • Free & Web Based (No Software Install Needed)
  • X12 to human-readable format
  • See EDI X12 Raw Data Segments side-by-side with a translated view
  • See EDI X12 Loop Structure
  • Have access to your files anytime from your smart phone or tablet

Get Started By Registering http://ediviewer.ediacademy.com/

  • On the registration screen enter all the required fields
  • Once you register you will receive an activation welcome email
  • Click on the activation email and start uploading data.

Uploading Data http://ediviewer.ediacademy.com/Home/Upload

  • Drop a file to this page or click to upload
  • Note: Your file must be a well-structured X12 Interchange with ISA to IEA envelopes
  • Current supported versions are: 4010, 4020, 5010 (more versions are added every month to our beta product)
  • HIPAA X12 Functionality will be added in the next release
  • Here is a sample 810 Invoice to try it out with
  • It will only take a few seconds to process your data. For larger files it could take less
  • You also have the option to Email Feedback or Get a PDF file
  • To view files you have previously uploaded, simply click on My Files on the top right screen
  • Some users find it useful to access My Files from their smart phone or tablet.

EDI Viewer Online FAQs

Q: Is it really free, what’s the catch?

A: It’s free, all you have to do is register. There is no catch.

Q: Why am I getting an error or why won’t my file translate?

A: Your file is either not formatted correctly (ISA-IEA) or your file is not one of the X12 support versions.

Q: Do you keep our data on your server?

A: Yes, EDI Academy keeps your data on our server so that you can later access them via My Access tabs.

Q: Which versions do you support?

A: We support ANSI X12 Versions 4010, 4020 and 5010. We are constantly adding more versions. Please, send us email feedback for a version you may need. We also plan to HIPAA X12 Transactions and EDIFACT support in the near future.

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