EDI Web/Desktop and Remote Methods of Outsource

EDI Web/Desktop Access

EDI WebWith Web/Desktop Access method, the service provider operates an EDI system, and provides all customers with access to their system using Web or Desktop software. The service provider deals with your trading partners in EDI format, and interacts with you through the EDI Web/Desktop Access software. The software allows you to perform daily activities such as processing orders, sending invoices, etc. The service provider passes your transactions through their system and transforms them into EDI format for your trading partners. Some EDI Web/Desktop Access software will give you access to the actual EDI data if you need it. The capabilities and flexibility of EDI Web/Desktop Access are always expanding. Some service providers offer additional features or add-on software to differentiate their company in the competitive marketplace. Most allow you to integrate EDI Web/Desktop Access with your business application.

Remote Administration

EDI WebBesides EDI Web/Desktop Access and Service Bureau methods we often refer to Remote Administration. This method assumes that you have an in-house EDI system that you wish to keep, but you’d like a third party to operate it on your behalf. With this method, the service provider acts as your EDI department and manages the dayto-day operations remotely. The service provider will deal with your trading partners and handle all aspects related to EDI. It might entail one hour of administration per day, or a full day of administration, depending on the volume of activity. Your company continues to own all the hardware and software associated with the in-house EDI system. You give the service provider secure, remote access to your system, to allow them to manage and monitor it. While the service provider will take care of the EDI operation, your company will still be responsible for any backup, restore and disaster recovery procedures, just as you would for any other system. Integration with your business application is handled in the same manner as if you were operating the system.

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