EDI Web-Service as a potential method of e-commerce communications

EDI Web-ServiceEDI Web-Service is a program system that is identified by URL line. Its commonly used interfaces are defined by XML language. On the basis of EDI Web-Service different systems and applications that intercommunicate with web services via Internet-protocols can be created. Using EDI Web-Service allows system components to intercommunicate via Internet independently of location and setting details. EDI Web-Service has two types of uses.

Reusable application-components

There are things applications need very often. So why make these over and over again? Web-Service can offer application-components like: currency conversion, weather reports, or even language translation as services.

Connect existing software

EDI Web-Service can help to solve the interoperability problem by giving different applications a way to link their data. With Web services you can exchange data between different applications and different platforms. Any application can have a Web Service component. Web Services can be created regardless of programming language.

Web-Service Advantages:

  • Providing intercommunication of the program systems regardless of platform
  • Based on opened standards and protocols
  • Due to XML/SOAP usage web-services are easily developed and set up
  • Using Internet-protocol allows HTTP-intercommunication of the program systems via inter-network screen
  • Safe connection codified by SSl.

Web-Service Disadvantages:

  • Low productivity
  • Big amount of net traffic.

Before the Web, getting all the major vendors to agree on a transport protocol for cross-network application services might have been impossible. But the Web-Service rendered that decision academic, by specifying lower level transports for standardized communication. The Web uses HTTP running on TCP/IP. TCP/IP was already a mature standard by the time the Web went mainstream in 1994. With HTTP and TCP/IP in place, all that was needed was some kind of messaging and data encapsulation standard and a lot of vendor cooperation. Today Web services have gotten this far because of cross-vendor support and attention to simplicity and flexibility of design.

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