EDI Web Vendors Requirements

EDI Web VendorsEDI Web Vendors Requirements are given in today’s blog for Town Shoes web partners. As a web vendor, your account is active the day of the on-boarding process. However, Town Shoes is not able to issue a live purchase order until the NPLS Catalog has been submitted and matched by them. On the  Town Shoes EDI Portal (Spice Portal) there are tutorials and written guides that will show you how to read and process a Town Shoe’s Purchase Order, and then create an Advance Shipping Notice (ASN).

One of the main benefits of using the Town Shoes EDI Portal is that it enforces the business rules of Town Shoes to ensure clean data and transactions which in turn lead to a decrease in error, and decreases the amount of time it takes to have your invoice filled.

There are a lot of other features on the Town Shoes EDI Portal that will enhance your overall experience including, the ability to create auto-packs, ease in splitting shipments, and the ability to print the shipping label. You are also able to export your POs to either print or import into your own internal accounting system.

Data import: NPLS System can accept catalogue data in EDI 832 file format and/or an Excel spreadsheet. If an Excel file is provided, it will need to conform to the “Vendor Catalogue Upload Template”. The requirements and field uses of the excel spreadsheet is available in the web. NPLS will allow for your product catalog to be loaded and for Town Shoes to match products to their ERP record. It is very important that Town Shoes has as many fields as possible for ease of matching. Once you have agreed to use NPLS System to submit your catalog data, you will be provided a username and password.

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