EDI Learning Stream 2021: Early Bird registration available

  • Online EDI Training Bundle – EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices for All Industries and HIPAA Bundle (Health Care EDI) Fundamentals & Best Practices. Advanced sessions are included in both bundles. Some courses have pre-requisites.
  • Online instructor-led webinar
  • Real-world examples and cases
  • Get the opportunity to consult with an expert that has implemented EDI for dozens trading partners.
  • Become a certified EDI professional by completing all six webinars in a bundle.
  • Receive a 100+ page course manual
  • For novice and experienced specialists involved in supply chain, inventory and sales, logistics, data analytics, finance, e-commerce etc.

Early Bird registration available 

Topics covered in All Industries EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices

  • Introduction to EDI
  • Connectivity AS2, VAN, FTP
  • Enveloping & Structure
  • Transactions: 850,810, 856 ASN and UCC-128 Labels
  • E-Commerce EDI & Change Order Automation
  • EDI for Transportation, Finance, Inventory

Topics covered in HIPAA EDI Training Bundle (Health Care EDI) Fundamentals & Best Practices

  • Introduction to The Health Care
  • EDI Enveloping & TR3 Viewing
  • Deciphering HIPAA EDI Transactions – Enrollment & Eligibility
  • Deciphering EDI Transactions 837 Claims & Acknowledgements
  • Deciphering EDI Transactions 835 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice
  • Advanced 837 Coordination of Benefits & 277/RFAI & 837 Outbound To CMS and Other Entities

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