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EDI Worldwide Standards List And Description (Part 2)

EDI worldwide standards appeared as business requirements were quite different and diverse, and organizations tried to optimize messaging formats. There are formats used across industries to facilitate business communication. We continue to describe international EDI standard formats.

HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). HIPAA EDI is a set of data transmission specifications strictly governing electronic transmition of sensitive data. Today it requires millions of healthcare entities to use EDI in a standard HIPAA format. The goal of HIPAA standard usage is to combine the hundreds of healthcare data formats in one, universally implemented for healthcare industry. Used in Healthcare and Health Insurance. The standard is governed by U.S. Federal Law. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) governs X12, (the adopted standard format for HIPAA EDI transactions).

HL7 (Health Level Seven). A set of international standards for transferring clinical and administrative data between software applications used by healthcare providers. HL7 focuses on the application layer – “layer 7” in the International Organization for Standards (ISO) model of standardization. HL7 helps to join a variety of disparate computer systems used by healthcare providers and hospitals. The standard covers flexible standards, guidelines and methodologies used by various healthcare systems to electronically communicate with each other. Used by Healthcare, hospitals and clinics. Governed by Health Level Seven International.

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