Electronic Medical Claims

Electronic Medical Claims Program Requirements (Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors)

Electronic Medical Claims Program requires automation integrated with the current office tasks and procedures to maximize the benefits. An electronic medical billing system should provide your office with more rapid input, improved accuracy, faster processing and the ability to report and analyze practice statistics. Repetitive, mundane tasks in your office may be computerized which should free the staff to be utilized in more productive ways.

Provider’s research should begin by analyzing areas of the current operations which could be streamlined using the efficiencies of automation. Consider what types of reports or information you would like to compile or access using automation. Analysis of your administrative procedures with a view to computerization may provide you with more opportunities for efficiency than originally anticipated.
MHHLS has found by surveying practitioners that in addition to MHHLS billing, practitioners have indicated that other benefits of computerization are third party billing, WCB accounts, patient scheduling, word processing, as well as others.

Those intending to develop their own medical billing software will require the full technical specifications and must request the Medical Claims File Exchange Guide from MHHLS. If you choose an established vendor you will not require a copy of these specifications.

Instead of purchasing a computer system, you may want to investigate the following options:

  • Lease. A lease, or lease to own, is an option if you choose not to purchase a computer system outright. There can be tax benefits to leasing rather than ownership. Talk to your vendor about leasing options.
  • Service Bureau. A service bureau is an agency that will bill and reconcile claims on your behalf. They usually charge a basic monthly rate plus an additional charge per claim.

MHHLS cannot support Mac users. Although our billing applications are currently being used by a few Mac users, please be aware that MHHLS is unable to provide any technical assistance with setup or subsequent support in the Mac environment.

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