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EmblemHealth PNC Remittance Advantage (No Cost EFT-ERA Program)

EmblemHealth PNC Remittance Advantage program offers paperless claim payments and electronic remittances free of charge. EmblemHealth urges you to take advantage of this program. Electronic transactions are fast, convenient and lower the risk of lost or stolen payments. You will benefit from increased payment-processing efficiencies, cost reductions and improved cash flow. EmblemHealth PNC Remittance Advantage combines direct Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments with 835 Electronic Remittance Advices (ERA).

How to Enroll EmblemHealth PNC Remittance Advantage program

Gather your Provider ID number and bank account information. Go to PNC Remittance Advantage at https://rad.pnc.com. Select the <strong”>”Register for Portal and Online Payment Services” link and follow the instructions for enrollment.

If you are currently enrolled in PNC Remittance Advantage, you have already taken the first step toward improving your payment process. Now, you need to allow the program to work for you. Becoming fully engaged in this program is the only way you will discover the numerous advantages described below. Take Advantage of EmblemHealth’s No Cost EFT-ERA Program.

More Benefits to EmblemHealth PNC Remittance Advantage program

  • Available to both HMO and PPO providers.
  • Faster and more accurate than mailed checks and remittances.
  • Gives you control over where your EFT payments are deposited, regardless of where you bank.
  • Sends email notifications when payments are processed.
  • Stores up to 10 years of searchable, archived payment and claims data.
  • Meets regulatory requirements.
  • Electronic Remittance Advices

ERAs are available in a variety of ways designed to meet your needs. You can:

  • Download legible PDF files to view or print for manual payment application, just like opening mailed remittances.
  • Download EDI-formatted payment files to automate posting to your practice management system.
  • Arrange for data transmission of EDI 835 files to you or a clearinghouse to fully automate the posting of your claim payments.

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