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Emdeon EDI Enrollment Process Steps

Emdeon EDI Enrollment is required to set up your system with access to the payers and transactions you need. This may include both Emdeon EDI Setup and Payer Registration. After completing your Emdeon EDI Enrollment, you may continue to Payer Enrollment. Emdeon provides the payer enrollment forms and manages the approval process for our trading partners. Emdeon EDI Enrollment  includes the following processes:

  • Payer List Review
  • Emdeon Setup
  • Payer Registration

To determine if the EDI transaction type you are interested in is available from the payer(s) desired, you will need to review the Payer List. The Payer List also indicates what, if any, Payer enrollment is required. To generate the payer list, follow the steps below.

  1. From the Emdeon web site (www.emdeon.net), select the Payer Lists link under the Resources section of the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click the Medical / Hospital / Dental Payers link (https://access.emdeon.com/PayerLists/ ) to launch the Payer Lists page.
  3. Make your choices from the fields present to narrow the results.
  4. Click the View List button to view your results. Alternatively, click the Download List button to generate a spreadsheet file for use locally.
  5. Assuming you filtered your list to include only the payers applicable to your organization and line of business, review the results for the payer requirements.

Emdeon enrollment consists of providing the information that enables a submitter to send and receive claims and ERA information.

Payer Registration

  1. Click the Enrollment Forms link (http://www.emdeon.com/enrollment/) to launch the Payer Enrollment page.
  2. Select the appropriate line of business from the Enrollment Categories panel.
  3. Locate the payer on the resulting page and follow the link to access the necessary form.

Some links may redirect you to another site or may simply provide the payer-specific form.

  1. Submit the completed form to the location noted within the form.

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