Empire EDI Program

Empire EDI Program Guidelines For Partners

Empire EDI Program offers a range of electronic connectivity services to suit the various technology needs of its providers. While Empire tries to keep the information of Empire EDI Program as accurate as possible, the company disclaims any implied warranty or representation about the accuracy, completeness, or appropriateness of the information for a particular purpose. The information regarding EDI is designed for educational purposes pf the company partners. Each person should consult with counsel, as appropriate, concerning the applicability of this information to the particulars of their situation.

Empire EDI Program General Info

Empire EDI Program covers issues connected with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – the computer-to-computer transfer of business-to-business document transactions and information between trading partners. Many healthcare partners, payors, vendors and fiscal intermediaries choose EDI as a fast, inexpensive, and safe method for automating the business processes that take place.

Empire EDI Program Standards

The constituencies involved in health care, including healthcare partner organizations, payors, benefit plan sponsors, financial institutions and others have jointly developed and approved specific transaction sets, or standards, for use in sending and receiving healthcare information and transactions electronically. These EDI transaction sets and their associated approved American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ASC X12 transaction set numbers are listed below.

  • Health Care Claim (Institutional, Professional) – 837I, 837P
  • Health Care Claim Payment / Advice (ERA) – 835
  • Health Care Eligibility – 270/271
  • Health Care Claim Status – 276/277
  • Health Care Prior Authorization – 278

Empire EDI Program Benefits

  • Keeping healthcare affordable to the end consumer
  • Improving accuracy of information exchanged between healthcare participants, improving the quality of healthcare delivery and its supporting processes
  • Making enhanced information available to all healthcare participants as appropriate. This access ensures fast, reliable, accurate, secure and detailed information on patients and healthcare partner plans.

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