ERA Enrollment Form Additional Guides (Medicare Enrollment)

ERA Enrollment FormERA Enrollment Form binding information does not expire if the person who signed that form for a provider is no longer employed by the provider, or that A/B MAC, or CEDI is no longer associated with the Medicare program. Medicare responsibility for ERA Enrollment Form oversight and administration is simply transferred in that case to that entity that CMS chooses to replace that A/B MAC, or CEDI, and the provider as an entity retains responsibility for those requirements mentioned in the form regardless of any change in personnel on staff.

The note at the end of the enrollment agreement language indicates that either party can terminate that agreement by providing 30 days advance notice. There is an exception to that requirement. In the event an A/B MAC, DME MAC or CEDI detects abuse of use of an ERA system, or discovers potential fraud or abuse, that A/B MAC, DME MAC or CEDI is to immediately terminate system access for receipt of ERA transactions by that individual or entity. A decision by an A/B MAC, DME MAC or CEDI to terminate or suspend ERA access in such a situation is not subject to appeal by the individual or entity that loses ERA access.

Federal law shall govern both the interpretation of ERA Enrollment Form guides and the appropriate jurisdiction and venue for appealing any final decision made by CMS under given notes. ERA Enrollment Form shall become effective when signed by the provider. The responsibilities and obligations contained in ERA will remain in effect as long as Medicare claims are submitted to the A/B MAC, DME MAC, CEDI, or other contractor if designated by CMS. Either party may terminate this arrangement by giving the other party thirty (30) days written notice of its intent to terminate. In the event that the notice is mailed, the written notice of termination shall be deemed to have been given upon the date of mailing, as established by the postmark or other appropriate evidence of transmittal.

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