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Exchange of Data With Continental

Exchange of Data With Continental is released via EDI together with covering the full set of standard business communication with Supplier (Delivery Schedule, Shipping Notification, Self-Billing Invoice etc.). Suppliers have to use EDI in order to exchange communication with Continental. Harmonization of its IT-Systems is Continental’s long-term strategy. This post describes some specific requirements on EDI and the process of setting up an EDI communication and Exchange of Data with Continental.

Exchange of Data: Inventory Report

An Inventory Report provides information related to consignment stock levels and stock movements. Continental provides this kind of information for consignment processes only. Supplier requires this information in order to be well informed about stock levels in the consignment warehouse and movements in the consignment inventory in order to plan resupply. With an Inventory Report Continental informs Supplier about the quantity withdrawn from consignment stock and for which the invoicing process is started Self-Billing). The current Continental company standard format is based on EDIFACT INVRPT 97A and EDIFACT INVRPT 99B. The INVRPT includes a unique consumption reference number for each single withdrawal out of consignment and other special qualifiers to provide information about consignment stock levels, goods receipt and goods issue message indicating the transfer of ownership to Continental or any corrections thereof.

If Supplier agrees, Continental can include in separate Inventory Report messages stock levels of free, quality and quality blocked levels of consignment stock, Continental stock and a total thereof – provided Supplier’s IT-System can technically process this information.

Exchange of Data: Self-Billing Invoices

The purpose of this message is to automate the invoicing process. Currently the preferred Continental standard format is EDIFACT INVOIC 96A or INVOIC 97A. Note that Self-billing invoices are subject to applicable law and shall be handled in accordance with applicable accounting regulations in the countries of the business partners.

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