Family Dollar Invoice Requirements (Merchandise Vendors)

Family Dollar InvoiceFamily Dollar Invoice Requirements described today regard invoice errors that may appear in the vendor’s system.  If Family Dollar Invoice errors out of the invoice matching system, then an error message will be created and sent to a vendor via the EDI 864 Transaction. Upon receiving this document, you must fix the Family Dollar Invoice /credit that is stated in the message and correct and retransmit the invoice/credit only. The following list states the 864 error messages that could be encountered and what you should do to correct the invoice/credit before retransmitting.

Invalid Transaction Type Flag – The 810 transaction cannot be correctly identified as an Sale (Debit)/Credit/NonMdse Invoice:

  • Correct the Invoice type in the BIG07 & RETRANSMIT
  • CR: Credit
  • 26: NonMerchandise
  • DR or No BIG07 for Sale Invoices

Invalid Supplier Number – Supplier Required if Partner Not Given. The 810 transaction does not have the correct family Dollar supplier number associated with it:

  • Correct the Supplier number & RETRANSMIT
  • Correct supplier number should be send in the REF02 segment VRvendor number
  • The supplier number is provided on the PO in the Ref (VR) segment or you can contact the Family Dollar merchandising department

Invalid Purchase Order Number – The correct Family Dollar Purchase Order number is not provided on the 810 transactions. This error is only for invoices against family Dollar PO’s and does not affect DSD supplier:

  • Correct the PO number & RETRANSMIT Correct PO number should be send in the BIG04

Warehouse location number is not provided:

  • Correct the Store/Warehouse Location & RETRANSMIT
  • If N103 (ST) = 9 Then N104 (ST) = DUNS+ Store/WHSE No. If N103 (ST) = 92 Then N104 (ST) = Store/WHSE No. Family Dollar Duns Number: 024472631

Invalid Charge Code – An invalid SAC code is send on the 810 transaction:

  • Correct the SAC code & RETRANSMIT
  • A complete list of SAC codes accepted at the detail and summary level is available in the family Dollar Mapping guidelines

Number Of Charge Codes Supplied Exceeded Maximum – The invoice/credit contains more then 25 SAC codes:

  • This is for your information only. Please contact Family Dollar for instructions on how  to split the invoice into multiple invoices

Duplicate Invoice – The invoice number is already processed and in the system the duplicate has not been processed:

  • This is for your information only. The original invoice has been processed

Number of Order Numbers  Supplied Exceeded Maximum – An invoice/credit may contain up to 25 PO numbers:

  • This is for your information only.
  • Please contact Family Dollar for instructions on how to split the invoice into multiple invoices

Invalid SKU The SKU number billed on the invoice is not present in our system or is different from the one provided on the Purchase Order:

  • Correct the Family Dollar SKU & RETRANSMIT
  • Please contact your respective merchandising department to get the correct SKU for your item
  • Family Dollar SKU number is required with a Code of SK in case you are not sending the item/case UPC or if the case/item UPC has not been provided to the family Dollar Merchandising dept. for a particular SKU

Invalid UPC – The UPC code billed on the invoice is not present in the system or is different from the one provided on the Purchase Order:

  • Correct the UPC (Each/Case) & RETRANSMIT
  • Please provide your respective merchandising department with the correct UPC for a particular SKU
  • Either an EACH or a Case UPC is required when you are not sending the Family Dollar SKU
  • You only need to provide the respective UPC for the UOM that you are using for Billing UA – CASE (255) UP EACH (1551)

Invalid UPC Qualifier – Correct the UPC qualifier (UP/UA) for a line item:

  • Correct the UPC qualifier & RETRANSMIT
  • Family Dollar only accepts invoices in a UOM of EA and CA A qualifier of UA and the corresponding shipper UPC is required when billing in cases and a qualifier of UP and the corresponding
  • Each UPC is required when billing in EACH.

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