Family Dollar Mapping EDI Notes For ISA, GS, BIG, REF, PER segments

Family Dollar Mapping EDIFamily Dollar Mapping EDI Notes given below establish necessary guidelines for the Invoice Transaction Set (810) mapping practice. The Family Dollar Mapping EDI guidelines described in this blog post are presented in the form of notes and do not cover all the requirements set to Family Dollar vendors.

ISA Segment


GS Segment

  • A functional group of related transaction sets, within the scope of X12 standards, consists of a collection of similar transaction sets enclosed by a functional group header and a functional group trailer.

BIG Segment

  • BIG04: PO Number is a required field when the Invoice is against the PO
  • BIG 07: CREDIT MEMO SPECIFIC: Only Used for Credit Memo. FD SPECIFIC: Miscellaneous Service Invoice is only used for service charges without line items, such as a freight invoice
  • BIG 10: CREDIT MEMO SPECIFIC: Only used when BIG07 = CR, which references an existing invoice
  • FD SPECIFIC: Family Dollar cannot accept corrected invoices unless an EDI 864 Transaction notifies you of the rejection. If a new invoice is required please send a credit invoice followed by a new invoice complete with a new invoice number.

REF Segment

  • REF 01: FD SPECIFIC – This is a required use of this REF segment. This number can be found on the REF (IA/ VR) of the 850 Purchase Order document or you will need to obtain this information from the Account Payable department of Family Dollar. The 810 will not be processed unless the correct vendor number is provided in this segment. You will get a reject message in an EDI 864 transaction and will need to correct and resend the invoice
  • REF 01: Oracle ID number – The usage on this segment will be for the Oracle Site ID. If you require Family Dollar to remit to anyone but your company you will need to provide a corresponding Oracle ID number that can be obtained through the Accounts Payable department at Family Dollar, or through the REF segment of the 850 Purchase Order. If this ID is not provided Family Dollar will default to the primary ID number.

PER Segment

  • PER 01: FD SPECIFIC: This is to be used for a contact telephone number of anyone that can assist Family Dollar AP Department should issues on the invoice arise
  • PER 04:  Only the telephone number is required in the PER04, no dashes or spaces allowed, as the field length is only 10 characters
  • Syntax:
    • P0304 – If either PER03,PER04 is present, then all are required
    • P0506 – If either PER05,PER06 is present, then all are required
    • P0708 – If either PER07,PER08 is present, then all are required.

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