Family Dollar Purchase Order Mapping: ISA, GS, REF, FOB Segments

Family Dollar Purchase OrderFamily Dollar Purchase Order Mapping EDI Notes given below establish necessary guidelines for the Purchase Order Transaction Set (850) mapping practice. The Family Dollar Purchase Order transaction set can be used to provide for customary and established business and industry practice relative to the placement of purchase orders for goods and services. This transaction set should not be used to convey purchase order changes or purchase order acknowledgment information.

The Family Dollar Purchase Order Mapping EDI guidelines described in this blog post are presented in the form of notes and do not cover all the requirements set to Family Dollar vendors. More requirements can be found here.

ISA Segment



ISA11: Family Dollar uses separation symbol (:) HEX3A

GS Segment

A functional group of related transaction sets, within the scope of X12 standards, consists of a collection of similar transaction sets enclosed by a functional group header and a functional group trailer.

REF Segment

  • R0203 – At least one of REF02,REF03 is required
  • Family Dollar uses the Oracle Site ID to send vendor remittance information as is available in the Family Dollar Oracle Financial System for your Vendor number
  • REF02: These codes will be send only if the Po change ( 850) is used in place of the PO Revision EDI 860:
    • AI Additional items added to order
    • CA Change to line items in order
    • RB Change to, not before date, not after date, ship not before date, ship no later than date
    • DI Item deleted
    • PQ Quantity change (increase/decreases)
    • RB Promotion number change
    • RZ More than one change in an order
    • CA Change in Locations
    • PC Unit Cost Change
  • REF(02) will have the above codes to communicate the type of change on the PO revision

FOB Segment

  • C0302 – If FOB03 is present, then all of FOB02 are required
  • C0405 – If FOB04 is present, then all of FOB05 are required
  • C0706 – If FOB07 is present, then all of FOB06 are required
  • C0809 – If FOB08 is present, then all of FOB09 are required.

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