Family Dollar Vendor EDI

Family Dollar Vendor EDI Initiative Basis

Family Dollar Vendor EDI Initiative relies on EDI technology to automate its supply chain systems and as such requires all active vendors to support the B2B eCommerce transactions. Vendors can either transact directly using EDI via the VAN/EDIINT, or through Web based transactional portals via the Internet. New vendors can locate set-up information for both options.
All TL & LTL carriers are required to support the Family Dollar Vendor EDI transactions & the EDIINT AS2 connectivity. New carriers participating in the transportation EDI program can find the relevant setup information and mapping guidelines in the next posts.
Family Dollar Non Merchandise Vendors impacted by the eProcurement project implementation are required to access their eCommerce transactions (PO, PO Changes, PO Acknowledgements, Invoices and Remittances) via the Family Dollar ePro system. Additionally vendors can also request set-up of the eCommerce transactions directly via EDI or cXML. Family Dollar Stores ePro system also supports online cXML catalog punch-outs.
Family Dollar also supports the 820 FEDI Remittance Advice transactions and the rollout to all active vendors is currently underway. The implementation of automating the credit adjustments (812) is also underway and implementation guidelines will be posted on corporate site.The EDI 852 and 855 transactions are traded only with suppliers participating in the Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program. Family Dollar does not require these transactions unless your company is participating in the VMI program. If your company is VMI capable and would like to participate in the VMI program you should complete the supply partner’s information request and set-up form to initiate the process.

1. EDI Transactions Supported:

  • 810
  • 812
  • 850
  • 852
  • 855
  • 856
  • 860
  • 864

2. EDI Transactions for LTL Carriers:

  • 204
  • 216
  • 214

3. EDI Transactions for TL Carriers:

  • 204
  • 990
  • 214.

Web Based EDI via the Internet

Family Dollar PO’s, PO Revisions and Invoice etc. transactions are also available online via the web for Non-EDI vendors. Web forms based EDI service is an option for vendors without any present EDI infrastructure or for those having low transaction volumes. Web forms based EDI service eliminates investment in EDI infrastructure, as only web browser and internet connectivity is required to send and receive business transactions.

You must complete the online set-up form and choose web based EDI option to initiate the setup process. Family Dollar eCommerce representatives shall contact designated person from your company with the set-up & training information. After the setup and online training are completed, Family Dollar PO’s & PO revisions will be available via the internet on a secure website, PO Acknowledgements and Invoices can be processed with minimal data entry.

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