Faurecia Package and Handling Unit, label ETI9 and B-10

Faurecia PackageFaurecia Package and Handling Unit guidelines describe the requirements regarding the labels to use to tag the Packages and Handling Units when deliveries to Faurecia are done to meet the Manifests issued by Faurecia. At Faurecia the logistic method to level the requirements and to control the procurement through Manifests is called LISA; the labels described here may be called the LISA labels. Faurecia requires ETI9 as default standard label especially for Europe and Asia perimeter. In North and South America the B-10 label format is allowed.

Manifests and Package labels, considerations of communication

Upon agreement, Faurecia may communicate to the Supplier Shipment requests through Manifests. A Manifest is a document specifying a delivery that is to be collected at the Supplier or dispatched from the Supplier on a specific day and time. The document contains details on the material to be despatched and on the dates and times, despatch date and time and expected delivery date and time. One Manifest is generated per despatch/pick-up time window and per truck. The Manifests are issued regularly, generally once per week. The labelling of the packaging is mandatory, at both levels Package and Handling Unit.

Two sources are available to retrieve the Manifests issued by Faurecia and the labels:

  1. Web Portal: the Supplier can connect onto a portal operated by Faurecia and from it, download the Manifest, the Package labels to tag the materials despatched to Faurecia against this Manifest, and also the Handling Unit/ Pallet labels when they are required.
  2. EDI: most of the informations of the Manifest can be transmitted to the Supplier as an EDI message according to the EDIFACT DELJIT D96A standard. Once this message integrated, the Supplier may print the Package and Handling Unit labels by means of its own system, providing that the labels obtained meet the specifications described hereafter. It is alternate method to the retrieval of labels from the Web Portal.

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