Finish Line EDI

Finish Line EDI Program (Vendor Compliance)

Finish Line EDI Program requires vendors to trade documents electronically. All documents used by Finish Line will be according to 004010VICS standards. Finish Line EDI Program does not support any documents lower than 004010VICS.

Set up and testing EDI

In order to be set up on EDI with The Finish Line, you must first have a valid vendor ID number provided by a Finish Line Buyer. Use the vendor number to complete the New EDI Setup Request form. The vendor must completely fill out the set up form and select:

  • Test and production qualifiers and ID’s
  • Your van or service provider
  • Your contact information
  • If you use a 3rd party provider of EDI include their contact information as well

Upon completion of the setup request form, Finish Line will forward your information to GXS. GXS will contact the person listed on the form and let them know how to obtain mapping documents and how testing will proceed. Vendors are responsible for any EDI fees charged by GXS. When testing is completed, GXS will send an email to both the vendor partner and Finish Line. Finish Line will contact the vendor’s contact to coordinate a “Go Live” date.

Vendor’s acceptance of each EDI purchase order from Finish Line shall constitute acknowledgement and acceptance of the then-current Vendor Compliance Manual, the PO Terms and Finish Line’s Vendor Code of Conduct (collectively, the “Finish Line Terms”), all of which shall be binding on vendor upon such acceptance

Transaction Types

Finish Line exchanges the following EDI Documents:

  • 850 – PO
  • 856 – Advance Ship Notification (ASN)
  • 810 – Invoice

The vendor number, assigned by Finish Line will be sent to you in the REF02 segment with an IA qualifier. This vendor number MUST be included on all EDI documents you send to Finish Line. Department number on the EDI 850 document is sent in the N9 segment.

To learn more about EDI integration and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page

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