Finish Line Packing Slip

Finish Line Packing Slip And Label Placement (Shipping Cartons Instructions)

Finish Line Packing slip should be attached to the bill of lading and to the lead carton of each purchase order. Two copies of the packing slip should be included with shipments. One copy should be attached to the bill of lading accompanying the shipment. The other copy should be attached to the lead carton of the purchase order.

If there are multiple purchase orders, the lead carton of each purchase order should have a packing slip attached for that order. Create one packing slip per truck. If a purchase order is on more than one truck due to the size of the shipment, you will need a separate packing slip for each truck. Summarize the packing slip by style / color / size for each purchase order.

All Packing slips should include the following information:

  1. Shipment Date
  2. Carrier name 3)
  3. Pro number or container number
  4. Finish Line purchase order number
  5. Finish Line style number
  6. Finish Line color code
  7. The total quantity by size
  8. The total number of cartons
  9. Individual cartons by size.
  10. Include Finish Line SKU or UPC if possible.

All shipping labels must meet the following requirements:

  • Shipping labels must be placed in the lower right hand corner of the long end of the carton.
  • A standard GS1-128 shipping label is required with minimum grade quality of ‘B.’
  • GS1-128 carton numbers must be 20 digits long. ●
  • Standard shipping labels, 6” high by 4” wide, should be used. ●
  • Labels should be white with black lettering.
  • Font size & labels should be legible (not hand written) and EASY TO READ o Font size 24 is preferred o Minimum font size 12
  • Place the shipping label in the lower right hand corner of the long end of the carton.
  • If any additional labels (i.e., a carton content label) are needed, place it next to and to the left of the GS1-128 label.
  • Carton content labels should be used when required information can not fit on a GS1-128 label.
  • Information does not have to be duplicated on a label if it is shown near the label. IE Carton Markings.

The following Information is required on a shipping label:

  • Finish Line Purchase Order Number
  • Finish Line Style Number from the Purchase Order
  • Finish Line Color Code from the Purchase Order
  • Finish Line Size or Sizes in Carton.
  • The Quantity by Size that is in the Carton
  • The Total Quantity
  • The Carton Count (1 of 150, 2 of 150, 3 of 150, etc.)
  • Inner Packs inside must be noted on the carton label that the order has inner packs inside. GS1-128 labels are required.

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