Finish Line Shipping Labels

Finish Line Shipping Labels (Label Placement – Shipping Cartons)

Finish Line Shipping labels must be placed in the lower right hand corner of the long end of the carton. Finish Line Shipping labels basic demands:

  • A standard GS1-128 shipping label is required with minimum grade quality of ‘B.’
  • GS1-128 carton numbers must be 20 digits long.
  • Standard shipping labels, 6” high by 4” wide, should be used.
  • Labels should be white with black lettering.
  • Font size & labels should be legible (not hand written) and EASY TO READ
    • Font size 24 is preferred
    • Minimum font size 12
  • Place the shipping label in the lower right hand corner of the long end of the carton.
  • If any additional labels (i.e., a carton content label) are needed, place it next to and to the left of the GS1-128 label.
  • Carton content labels should be used when required information can not fit on a GS1-128 label.
  • Information does not have to be duplicated on a label if it is shown near the label. IE Carton Markings.

The following Information is required on a shipping label:

  • Finish Line Purchase Order Number
  • Finish Line Style Number from the Purchase Order
  • Finish Line Color Code from the Purchase Order
  • Finish Line Size or Sizes in Carton
  • The Quantity by Size that is in the Carton
  • The Total Quantity
  • The Carton Count (1 of 150, 2 of 150, 3 of 150, etc.)
  • Inner Packs inside must be noted on the carton label that the order has inner packs inside.
  • The store number for our DC #901 must be included on the shipping label
  • Postal code in bar code format (if possible).
  • Carrier information


  • Vendors are permitted to have the words Style, Color Code, Size, and Quantity on shipping labels.
  • Although, the descriptive words are NOT required on the label.
  • Format is preferred but not required. Information may be left justified
  • GS1-128 labels are required. If you cannot fit all required information on a GS1-128 label use a carton content label for the required information you cannot fit. The Carton Content Label is the same as Zone E of the GS1-128 Label.
  • Master UPC labels for pre-pack orders may be placed on, or next to, the shipping label.


  • Finish Line purchase order number
  • Finish Line style from purchase order
  • Finish Line color code from purchase order
  • Product size in carton
  • Total quantity in carton
  • Inner packs – Note inner packs are inside.

To learn more about EDI shipping labels and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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