FRED’S Barcode

FRED’S Barcode And Country of Origin Labeling Requirements

FRED’S Barcode requirements apply to any interior product that FRED’S distribution facility could split for resale. All inner packages intended for re-sale must be bar coded on at least one side with a UPC. The bar code symbol is the UPC-A. The GTIN-12 (12-digit UPC) is composed of:

  • Supplier’s GS1 Company Prefix
  • Supplier’s Item Reference Number
  • Check digit.

Bar codes must attain a grade C or higher when verified. Bar codes must be printed to accepted specifications (i.e. size, color, etc). All bar codes on the same package (case or unit) must be identical. For FRED’S Brand products, the FRED’S assigned GTIN must be encoded in the bar code, not the supplier’s GTIN.

Country of Origin Labeling Requirements

Country of Origin must be declared on products supplied to FRED’S per US government rule in 7 CFR, Part 65. Country of Origin must be legible, conspicuous, and must appear on the master case as well as any interior packages if the interior package is labeled for retail sale. The Country of Origin declaration must meet the appropriate requirements as stated in the proposed regulation. Acceptable terminology includes “Made in _____” or “Product of ________”.

If paper sticker or pressure sensitive labels are used, they must be affixed in a conspicuous place and so securely that unless deliberately removed they will remain on the article while it is in storage or on display, and until it is delivered to the ultimate purchaser. When tags are used, they must be attached in a conspicuous place and in a manner, which ensures that unless deliberately removed they will remain
on the item until it reaches the ultimate purchaser. Marking that will not remain on the article during handling or for any other reason except
deliberate removal is not a proper marking.

All inbound Bills of Lading and invoices accompanying the affected commodities must identify, by line item, the Country of Origin. At the very least, if you cannot provide the Country of Origin information on both invoice and Bill of Lading, it must appear on the Bill of Lading. Vendors will be held accountable for any and all violations of these U.S. Import Requirements that result in delays or additional costs to FRED’S.

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