Fred's EDI Shipments

Fred’s EDI Shipments Requirements (Drop Shipments and Direct Shipments)

Fred’s EDI Shipments of multiple purchase orders must not be consolidated in a single shipping carton. Fred’s EDI Shipments  requirements cover the following guidelines: All trailers coming onto the Fred’s inbound lot must have proper identification with legible numbers and or letters on the front (nose) and back (door area) of the trailer for identification.

Drop Shipments (Collect Shipment)

  • Vendors are required to contact FRED’S traffic department 7 days prior to shipment to schedule transportation.
  • For product being picked up at the vendor, a designated carrier will contact the vendor for the pickup appointment.
  • If shipping by LTL carrier, then the LTL information will be emailed or faxed to the vendor by the FREDS traffic department. The vendor is then required to call the LTL carrier according to the LTL routing instructions.
  • Appointments are not required for properly routed drop shipment trailers at the FREDS DCs. Goods are to be delivered directly to the Fred’s DC once tendered to the carrier. The Fred’s lot is available 24 hours/day for all drop trailers.
  • Vendors will be back billed all charges related to power detention (TONU – Trailer Ordered Not Used) and layovers created by missing ready dates.
  • All PO’s weighing less than 100 pounds are to be shipped prepaid.

Direct Shipments (Prepaid Shipments)

  • Fred’s assumes no ownership of prepaid inventory in transit. The terms on all prepaid shipments are FOB Destination, Freight Prepaid. The seller pays freight charges, bears all freight charges, owns the goods in transit and is responsible for all claims associated with the load.
  • Prepaid Shipments are scheduled directly through each DC’s receiving department Appointment Clerk.
  • Fred’s does not permit prepaid drivers to assist in the unloading of freight.
  • Therefore, a $100 unloading allowance will be charged for each prepaid appointment.
  • Cancelling, rescheduling, missing or dropping an appointment will result in a chargeback of $1,000.

Pre-paid shipments and deliveries must arrive at the Distribution Center within 2 hours of the scheduled appointment time. If shipments cannot be delivered as scheduled then the appointment will be canceled.

  • Vendors are not permitted to have prepaid goods arrive prior to the “RECV FREDS DC” date. Having prepaid goods arrive at Fred’s prior to the “RECV FREDS DC” date will result in a 20% penalty against the cost value of the PO and terms on the PO will be extended to net 90.
  • Vendors must work with their carriers to ensure that these goods are not delivered prior to the “RECV FREDS DC” date.
  • Vendors are not permitted to ship via any operating company of UPS/Overnite, Averitt or Yellow/Roadway Freight Company to Fred’s DC. Shipping on this carrier is subject to VNC. Any shipment on an unauthorized carrier will be subject to a $500 penalty per PO.

Fred’s does not pay pre-notification, storage fees, detention fees or any other assessorial associated with prepaid freight.

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