Fred's Merchandise BOL

Fred’s Merchandise BOL (Bill of Lading) Data Requirements

Fred’s Merchandise BOL (Bill of Lading) is an all-important part of Fred’s rail and truck transportation arrangements with its business partners. Bill of Lading serves as the basic contract of carriage between the shipper and all connecting carriers, as a receipt for the goods, and as indicia of ownership of the goods. The Bill of Lading is the basic transportation contract between the shipper-consignor and the carrier; its terms and condition bind the shipper and all connecting carriers. Additionally, the Bill of Lading is a necessary element of a claimant’s prima facie case in a court action, although it does not necessarily prove the cargo’s good condition at origin.

The following data is required to be included on the Fred’s Merchandise BOL (Bill of Lading):

  • Supplier Name
  • Supplier Address
  • Consignee Name
  • Consignee Address
  • Special Instructions
  • Freight Charge Type (Pre-Paid or Collect)
  • Description of Articles, Packages, Markings, and/or Exceptions
  • Weight
  • Shipper Signature
  • Time and Date Tendered
  • Carrier Name
  • Driver Name and Signature
  • Country of Origin for Imported Products (COOL)
  • Quantity in cartons, weight in kgs and measurements in cbms or cbft.

FRED’S also requires the following information to be located on the BOL:

  • FRED’S Purchase Order Number
  • Bill of Lading Number
  • Container Number/Trailer Number
  • Seal Number
  • Qty Shipped per Item and Total
  • Weight per Item and Total (Net Weight for Catch Weight Items)
  • Carrier Obligation Responsibility-Freight Terms (FOB Buyer’s Truck Shipper Load, Count and Seal).

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