Rite Aid EDI Functional Acknowledgement

Rite Aid EDI Functional Acknowledgement Policy

Upon receipt of any EDI transaction, the receiving partner shall promptly and properly transmit a Functional Acknowledgement (ANSI ASC X12 997). Rite Aid expects trading partners pick up from their electronic mailboxes daily (7 days a week). Rite Aid expects to receive a Functional Acknowledgement (ASCI ASC X12) within 24 hours of Rite Aid transmitting.

The Functional Acknowledgement shall constitute evidence that the partner received the EDI transaction sent by Rite Aid. Also, the receiving partner is expected to monitor and review all 997s for errors that may require attention.

If your company cannot return the Functional Acknowledgement within 24 hours, you should contact Rite Aid’s EDI Department. This policy is subject to change as business requirements change.

To learn more about EDI transactions and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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