Carton Packing

Carton Packing and Size Requirements

Carton Packing and Size Requirements are given in the post below for Burlington Coat Factory vendors. Carton Packing: each carton contains merchandise for only one purchase order (9 digit PO). Coordinated tops and bottoms being sold separately must be packed in separate cartons. The tops and bottoms will be identified on the PO. Tops and bottoms being sold as a set must be poly bagged together.

Carton Packing for Shoes

  • Shoes shipped with shoe boxes must be one box deep and in the same direction with the shoebox labels facing the top of the carton.
  • All shoes must have a MicroPak mold sticker in each box.
  • Do not use unnecessary materials that will require removal (Example: staples, pins, excessive tape, clips, tiebacks, excessive tissue paper, cardboard, removable foam, loose fill “peanuts”, straw, fiberglass, hard plastic, newspaper, etc.).
  • Do not use empty merchandise boxes as fillers.

All Carton Packing merchandise shipped to Burlington must be shipped in conveyable corrugated cartons.

  • Do not use envelopes or bags of any kind.
  • Structurally, the corrugated box should be a minimum 32 ECT (edge crush test) for cartons weighing less than 30 lbs. and a minimum 40 ECT for cartons weighing over 30 lbs.
  • All conveyable merchandise will be moved throughout the DC on a conveyor system and should be packed to prevent any damage to the product.
  • The use of straps or bands on cartons is not permitted.
  • Use a shipping carton that fits the item. Ideally merchandise should be packed ¼” below the top of the carton.
  • Do not over/under pack cartons.  Cartons outside the minimum or maximum dimensions/weight are considered non-conveyable

Purchase Order Types

Burlington Stores currently supports the following types of purchase orders:

  • Pack by Style/Bulk
  • Pre-Packs
  • Ship-to Mark-for
  • Direct to Store
  • GOH

Pre-pack Orders

  • All pre-pack orders must be packed as defined on your PO. Broken packs are not acceptable.
  • Cartons must be marked with the pre-pack detail/breakout printed on the UCC-128 labels.
  • An additional carton content label may be used if your carton information does not fit on your UCC-128 label.
  • Pre-packs must be packaged in poly bags and bundled as one unit (bundle hangers with string, twine, or rubber bands).

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