General Label Specifications

General Label Specifications: Adient Shipping Labeling

General Label Specifications require suppliers to ensure that all materials shipped to Adient are correctly labeled and that the labels are properly attached.

  • Label Size: 4.0 inches (102mm) high by 6.0 inches (152mm) wide.
  • Label Color: White label with black printing (there may be some plant specific color requirements).
  • Adhesives: Adhesive types can be pressure sensitive or dry gummed as long as adherence to the package substrate is assured and application is wrinkle-free. If labels are applied to returnable packaging, the adhesive must not leave a residue after the label is removed, and the label must be easily removed without tearing. Paper is not preferred on returnable packaging.
  • Data Identifiers: All barcodes must have a data identifier. For example, the part number should have a leading “P” or “Q” for quantity.

The above definition is the minimum General Label Specifications requirements. There may be other regional or plant requirements that can be requested. Some examples include:

  • 2D Barcode
  • Colored label stock
  • Delivery Note/Packing Slip Number
  • Storage location in the plant
  • Ship-to Address of the Adient plant the material is shipping to.

Master Pallet/Mixed Pallet Labeling

When multiple containers of the same part number are placed on a single pallet, each container is required to be labeled as well as a master label for the pallet. The master label should contain the words “Master Label” and be placed on the outside of the shrink wrap. The individual container labels should be scanned to create the Master Label. The quantity on the master label should reflect the sum of the quantities of all of the individual container labels.

When release quantities require cartons of mixed material on one pallet, a special “Mixed Load” label and a “Master Label” for each part number and affixed on the outside of the shrink wrap must be used in addition to being labeled per Adient Labeling Specifications. All containers must be loaded to cubic capacity to maintain load density, package integrity, and obtain optimum transport utilization. The following criteria must be observed when shipping mixed loads to an Adient plant:

  1. Cartons must be uniform in size to maintain load stability.
  2. Each pallet must have material / product for only one Adient plant.
  3. Avoid shipping less than a full layer whenever possible. Adient Supplier Scheduling should be contacted to establish load quantities into their releases. For unit load packaging that is shrink wrapped, the master label and mix load labels must be applied to the outside. When individual containers are palletized and made into a unit load for mechanical handling, the master label shall be attached to two adjacent sides of the unit load.

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