Alabama Medicaid HIPAA EDI

Getting Started With Alabama Medicaid HIPAA EDI Transactions

Seventy-Five Million Americans (23%) have Medicaid Insurance. Medicaid is a government insurance program for low-income and disabled individuals. Medicaid Agencies use Electronic Data interchange (EDI) technology for these transactions. Alabama is one of the Medicaid agencies using EDI.

Alabama uses standard HIPAA EDI Transactions which are listed below.

  • 270 Eligibility Request / 271 Eligibility Response 005010X279A1
  • 276 Claim Status Request / 277 Claim Status Response 005010X212
  • 278 Prior Authorization Request / 278 Prior Authorization Response 005010X217
  • 837D Dental Claim 005010X224A2
  • 837P Professional (HCFA) Claim 005010X222A1
  • 837I Institutional (UB) Claim 005010X223A2
  • 835 Electronic Remittance Advice 005010X221A1
  • 277U Unsolicited Claim Status
  • NCPDP Pharmacy Transactions (B1, B2, E1)
  • TA1/999 – 005010X231A1

Alabama uses Safe Harbor CORE connectivity mechanism.

We strongly encourage you view the while Alabama Medicaid Companion guide which is available here: Alabama EDI Medicaid Companion Guide

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To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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